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Calculation software: plain and simple

Still many calculations are done manually or by using one of those handy spreadsheets. Why?

Making a calculation manually is very time consuming and can be done a lot faster by using a computer. When you are using a spreadsheet, the values you enter into your spreadsheet are not verified by the software and mistakes are easily made. Here is room for improvements.

Image that you have a program that makes your calculations and also checks the input, which you have to enter into the program in a logical way. Don't you think that this will result in a higher efficiency with a lower amount of errors and lower costs for your company?

Calculating becomes fun again.

A modern calculation software is capable of making calculations within a few seconds. More time will be left for you to do other things. Things you could normally not do because you didn't had the time for it.

The pressure of not enough time disappears. Work stress disappears, calculating becomes fun again.

Available Calculation Software

Choose from one of the great off-the-shelf calculation programs. User friendly and professional software. Click on one of the buttons below for more information.

HeatCalc and the cheaper version HeatCalcLite are programs for the calculation of greenhouse heating installations. Both programs can be used for different greenhouse layouts.

Calculating tube diameters, heat losses of greenhouses, pump capacity's and boiler rooms is with those programs a piece of cake.

Discover the simplicity of using building blocks for the calculation of the cost price. This method can be used in a wide field of applications. alle prijs calculaties.

Custom Software

Are you looking for a program that is not listed above? Then maybe a custom program exclusively developed for you could be the solution. A custom program can be made according to your specifications. The program will only do what you want it to do.
"But custom software is very expensive", you might think. In many cases the programs developed by DaytonEasySoft are not much more expensive then off-the-shelf software. Discover the many advantages of custom software


  • Development of custom software
  • Delivery of off-the-shelf programs,
    which can be modified according to your demands
  • Free support of the helpdesk
  • Free updates

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