Discover How To Calculate A Greenhouse Heating Installation Within Two Minutes.

Greenhouse heating price calculation

Why does it take so long for a customer to get an offer?

The calculation of a greenhouse heating installation takes a lot of time. You have to start with calculating the diameters of the tubes before you can list all the required materials. After you have listed all the materials, you have to look up the prices and then you can calculate the total price But still you're not finished. The customer also requires a drawing showing the layout of the heating installation.

All together a very time consuming and therefore expensive job.

The longer it takes to make an offer, the smaller the changes are that you will get the order. Customers don't like waiting. The offer has to be sent as soon as possible. They want to receive it yesterday.

You have to produce an offer as fast as possible.

You can accomplish this by using software. However, calculation software for the horticulture is hard to get. You can also try to make your own calculation program. Writing a program requires knowledge of programming which is not or not enough available in your company.

Imagine that you have a calculation program that is capable of calculating a greenhouse heating installation. The program calculates the price, makes a list of materials, and produces a sketch of the heating installation. And the best thing: it does this all faster then you can read this article. You are now able to produce an offer almost directly after you have received the inquiry. Your changes of getting the order are doubled.

Suppose that you have also installed this program on the laptop of your salesmen. They are now capable to give the customer directly an offer and they can now close the deal right now. Your competition has no change of getting the order. Don't you think that you will try this program?

Price Complete With Material List And Even A Drawing

The program calculates the complete installation and produces the tube diameters, pump type, price and material list. It also makes a drawing showing the layout of the heating installation, the diameters of the tubes, location of pump, etc.

The program has clear input windows and many help screens, supporting the user. This make the program a user friendly program, which can be used by anyone without having any technical experience. With HeatCalc you will be capable to calculate a heating installation within two minutes.. Imagine the expression on the face of your customer when you can give him a price two minutes after he had asked "how much is this going to cost?"

There is also a smaller and therefore cheaper version of the program HeatCalc available. The Lite version however can not be used to calculate the price and to produce material list, but it's an excellent tool for designing greenhouse heating installations.

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HeatCalc is an unique program that can be used in your office, by your salesmen at your customer, and on exhibitions. The software is delivered including one year free support of our helpdesk. At our helpdesk you can ask all kind of questions about our software, but also about greenhouse heating.


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