How To Calculate Tube Diameters Greenhouse Heating

HeatCalcLite : The Little Brother Of HeatCalc

Calculating diameters of greenhouse heating installations

This program will calculate the pipe diameters for greenhouse heating installations in a very easy way. You only have to enter the dimensions of the greenhouse, the type of heating system and the program will do the rest. It could not be easier.

Moreover, the program not only calculates rapidly the pipe diameters, but also determines the type of pump, the heat output of the heating and the pressure loss in the pipes. The results are presented in a drawing that you can print.

With software like this everybody want to become a heating calculator.

With this program you will be able to make your price calculation a lot faster. You will save time (and costs). And don't forget that you are now able to release a quotation much faster to the customer. In short, this program is an asset to your company and the price of the software can not be an obstacle.


  1. Calculation Greenhouse Heating
    The program calculates for different layouts of the greenhouse, the tube diameters, pump type, heat dissipation, mixing valve. The results are displayed on a drawing which will be shown on the screen and can also be printed.
  2. Calculation Ringline
    The program calculates the diameter of the ringline and the size of the ringline pump. The results will be shown on the screen.
  3. Calculation Heat Loss Greenhouse
    For different greenhouse shapes, with or without double glass and/or thermal screen.
  4. Calculation Pressure Loss For Random Tube
    After you have entered the tube diameter and the flow, the program will calculate the KVC (or cv) value, pressure loss and the flow rate.
  5. Settings
    There are many different settings like maximum flow rate, maximum pressure loss per meter, language, etc.
  6. Results Of Calculations
    The calculated tube diameters, pump type, dimensions greenhouse, size mixing valve, heat dissipation, etc are all shown on a clear drawing.

Advantages :

  • easy to use
  • clear overviews
  • many help windows
  • may different settings
  • time saving
  • free updates
  • 1 year free support
  • extremely low price

Do Not Wait Any Longer

Stay ahead of your competition, make sure you can quickly calculate the price of a heating system. Impress your customers by the short time that you need to produce a quote. You also save the cost of labor, after all, time is money. HeatCalcLite creates satisfied customers and keep costs low. What more do you want?


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