HeatCalc :
Greenhouse Heating Calculation Program

-Next Generation Greenhouse Heating Calculation Software-


  1. Calculation greenhouse heating
    The program calculates for different layouts of the heating installation and also different greenhouse shapes, the tube diameters, pump type, price, heat dissipation, etc. The results are shown in a drawing which is displayed on the screen. The drawing and the list of materials can both be printed on paper. The material list is printed in alphabetic order or per supplier, whatever you prefer.
  2. Calculation ringline
    The program calculates the diameter of the ringline and also the required pump capacity. The results can be printed in clear overviews, showing all required materials complete with their prices.
  3. Calculation boilerroom
    The price and the required materials are calculated by using the building block calculation method
  4. Calculation heat loss greenhouse
    Heat losses can be calculated with or without double glass and/or with or without thermal screen for different greenhouse shapes.
  5. Calculation pressure loss random tube
    Pressure losses can be calculated for any tube. Just enter the diameter and the flow and the program will calculate the pressure loss,the KVS (or CV) value and the flow rate.
  6. Settings
    The program comes with many different settings. You can for example change the maximum flow rate, the maximum pressure loss per meter, the language, default supplier, language, etc.

User friendly

It is very easy to use HeatCalc. No technical skills are required. The program has also many help screens to support the user. These screens contain a lot of information about the features of the program. If that's not enough, you can always contact the helpdesk for questions about the software or about greenhouse heating in general. I am more then pleased to help you in any way I can.

Advantages :

  • Easy to use
  • Clear overviews
  • Many helpscreens
  • Many different settings
  • Time saving
  • Free updates
  • 1 Year free support
  • Low priced

And Also

  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • Free software

Building Block Calculation

Discover the possibilities of building block calculation. The principle of building block calculation is very simple. Click here for more information about building block calculation.

How Does It Work?

Each cost calculation basically consists of a list of materials as with the corresponding price. For each new project you have to compile this list again.

An example of a building block for a pump could be: one pump, 2 flanges, 2 gaskets, 12 bolts, 12 nuts, 12 washers, etc. This can be done for every item in the installation .

The advantage is that once you have defined all your building blocks, the calculation of the price and listing all required materials has become a lot easier. Different projects can have the same building blocks. This means that the building blocks can be used for more then one calculation, which saves you a lot of time.

Example Price Calculation With Building Blocks

For example: Suppose you install heating installations and you want to calculate the price for the supply and installation of three different heating plates. Your material list might look like this:

  • 1 x heating plate 2000 x 500.
  • 1 x heating plate 3000 x 500
  • 1 x heating plate 3500 x 500
  • 3 x thermostat control valve
  • 3 x drain valve
  • 3 x air bleeder
  • 3 sets suspension brackets
  • 12 bolts
  • labour for installing 3 heating plates

When using the building block method, you would have to make for each heating plate a separate building block and also a building block for the accessories. These building blocks can be re-used in future calculations. So, you have to make then only once. Many heating plates use the same , so the building block for the accessories can be used for more then one type of heating plate. Your calculation would now look like the following:

  • 1 x building block for heating plate 2000 x 500. (comprising heating plate and labour)
  • 1 x building block for heating plate 3000 x 500
  • 1 x building block for heating plate 3500 x 500
  • 3 x building block accessories heating plate (comprising drain valve, brackets, air bleeder, etc)

As you have noticed, this is a lot easier. By composing the building blocks in a smart way, you can save lots of time. You only have to make the building blocks once. Once they are made they can be used for any other project Do you see the ADVANTAGE?

The program HeatCalc can handle maximum 2000 building blocks, each containing maximum 40 different articles.

Versatile and Professional

With HeatCalc you are able to produce the following :

materiaal list greenhouse heating installation

An overview of all required materials, sorted on article number, supplier, article group, whatever you prefer. It is also possible to combine article list from different calculations to one big list. This can be very handy when you want to order materials.

price calculation greenhouse heating

The total price divided in costs for materials, labour, shipping costs and overhead.

drawing greenhouse heating

Drawing of the heating system showing the pipe diameters, pump type, mixer size, dimensions greenhouse, pump flow, head and the heating capacity.

Don't wait any longer

Stay ahead of your competition, make sure you can quickly calculate the price of a heating system. Impress your customers by the short time that you need to produce a quote. You also save the cost of labor, after all, time is money. HeatCalcLite creates satisfied customers and keep costs low. What more do you want?

HeatCalc is an unique program that can be used by your calculator in the office, by your salesmen en route, or at exhibitions. The software comes with one year free support of our helpdesk, where you can ask all kind of questions about the software but also about greenhouse heating.


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