Discover A Easy Way Of Calculating Prices

- The Advantages Of The Building Block Method -

By Antoon Crama

H ow much time does it take to calculate the sales price of a project? Every minute you spent on it are extra costs. To be able to offer lower than your competitor, you need to cut costs. And also it is very important that you can give a quotation as fast as possible, so don't waste to much time in calculating the price.

Each cost calculation basically consists of a list of materials as with the corresponding price. For each new project you have to compile this list again. Frequently you will find articles that belong together, for example a bolt usually comes with a nut and washer. In short, every time you budget a bolt, you also need to budget a nut and a washer. Calculating the price of every item over and over again is a waste of time.

This should be EASIER you think. But so far you haven't found any solution.

The Building Block Method

Imagine that instead of working with individual items, you are working with groups of items. We refer to these groups of articles associated with each other as building blocks. So instead of budgeting: a bolt, a nut and a washer, you budget only the building block called -bolt-. This building block will consist of the preceding articles. This will SIMPLIFY the calculation, don't you think?

The starting point of calculating with building blocks is that each installation, building, machine, vehicle, etc is made up of building blocks, which, in turn, are composed of several parts.

For example: Suppose you install heating installations and you want to calculate the price for the supply and installation of three different heating plates. Your material list might look like this:

  • 1 x heating plate 2000 x 500.
  • 1 x heating plate 3000 x 500
  • 1 x heating plate 3500 x 500
  • 3 x thermostat control valve
  • 3 x drain valve
  • 3 x air bleeder
  • 3 sets suspension brackets
  • 12 bolts
  • labour for installing 3 heating plates

When using the building block method, you would have to make for each heating plate a separate building block and also a building block for the accessories. These building blocks can be re-used in future calculations. So, you have to make then only once. Many heating plates use the same , so the building block for the accessories can be used for more then one type of heating plate. Your calculation would now look like the following:

  • 1 x building block for heating plate 2000 x 500. (comprising heating plate and labour)
  • 1 x building block for heating plate 3000 x 500
  • 1 x building block for heating plate 3500 x 500
  • 3 x building block accessories heating plate (comprising drain valve, brackets, air bleeder, etc)

As you have noticed, this is a lot easier. By composing the building blocks in a smart way, you can save lots of time. You only have to make the building blocks once. Once they are made they can be used for any other project. You see the ADVANTAGE of that?

BBCalc also for YOU

material list building block calculation software

Use BBCalc to SPEED UP your calculations. You only have to enter the number of building blocks and the program will specify all the materials you need. In total you can define 2000 building blocks, each containing a maximum of 40 different articles.

Because the program uses the building block method it can be used for many different applications. The program is easy to use and does not require any special skills. Calculating the sales prices becomes easy, anybody can do it. The software has a couple of handy features, like listing the materials per supplier which is very useful when you want to order your materials.

With minimal effort, you can now quickly calculate a price and SAVE on your labor, after all time is money. BBCalc gives you time for other things and keeps costs low. What more could you want?

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