Legislative Tracking and Analysis

Legislative tracking and analysis is a monitoring schema or process to help the local government units to determine the effectiveness of an enacted resolution or ordinance. Local legislation is the rule-making function of an local government unit to provide the socio-cultural, economic, political development and environmental needs of its territorial jurisdiction. It is said to be effective if it can address the needs and aspirations of the people and if the people participate in the implementation. However,the success is of legislation is also determined by an effective monitoring tool to check on the implementation of a resolution or an ordinance.
The R&O database is a software program that provides the tools for accessing information that helps in the evaluation of the viability of an enacted resolution or ordinance.

The R&O Database

The Resolution and Ordinance Database combines modern database technology with an easy-to-use interface.
The R&O Database is the solution for the tracking needs of local government units. Documents are stored in the database and are easily accessible , making the R&O Database a complete and a very useful tool. It also help you in the realisation of a paper-less office, which becomes more and more important nowadays.

Powerful Tracking Features!
The R&O Database allows you to track an unlimited number of documents and to organize them in 8 different categories:

  • ordinances
  • resolutions
  • session minutes
  • journals
  • committee reports
  • incoming communications
  • outgoing communications
  • other documents

Each record can contain 5 documents. Because all documents are stored in the database, you are able to produce a hard copy or an electronic copy of an ordinance or resolution almost immediately.

Extensive Search Capabilities

The R&O Database is provides with the most powerful search functions. You can select documents by date, subject, title, author etc. etc. Just enter a key word a the program will provide you with all the information you need. You can even look into the document without opening it. This makes searching for the right information very powerful.


During the development of the R&O Database a lot of time has been spent on designing a user interface which is easy to understand and easy to use. This has resulted in a software program that can be used by everybody. No special knowledge is required for this program. You don't even need any training to be able to use the R&O Database!

Database application software

Clear Tracking Reports

Create great looking tracking reports with multiple columns which cab be enabled/disabled to satisfy your needs. The records can be sorted in numerous ways, such a date, number, subject, etc. And this all in a very easy way.

Database application software

User Friendly Input Forms

One of the most powerful features of the input form : Entering data into the data base by copy/paste information from the document without having to open the document. A preview of the document will be displayed in the input form which makes it very easy to enter new data into the system.

TOP Performing Municipal

Over the years, numerous recognitions and awards have been conferred to local government in various fields of endeavors. To be awarded as TOP performing municipal legislative bodies in the Philippines you will be evaluated based on five criteria.
Two of the criteria are : effectiveness of the legislative tracking system and the availability of legislative documents. have to obtain as many point as possible.
The R&O Database has been developed in cooperation with the Municipality of Sagay, Camiguin Province. Due to the R&O Database the Municipality of Sagay scored for both criteria the maximum amount of points.
Don't you want to be a winner as well?

Price and Conditions

Our price includes free installation of the software within Region 10 of the Philippines, instruction, updates and support.
If you have special wishes/requirements we will in most cases modify the program to your needs without any charge.
If you are not in Region 10, then you have to install the software yourself or you pay our travel expenses and we will do it for you.

This all for only .... 40.000 Pesos

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